Pennsylvania Weatherization Intranet

Weatherization alleviates the heavy energy burden on low-income households and helps them become self-sufficient. Weatherization measures:

  • Provide average energy savings of $413 or more per year per household.
  • Reduce a household’s annual gas heating consumption by 32%.
  • Are “locked” into the home and continue to save money and energy every year.
  • Improve health and safety by eliminating energy-related hazards.
  • Weatherization returns $1.65 in energy-related benefits for every $1 invested in the Program. 
  • For every $1 invested by DOE, the Program leverages $1.54 in other federal, state, utility, and private resources. 
  • Agencies use leveraged resources to weatherize more low-income homes and to deliver more services while in the home.

Pennsylvania Weatherization Providers Task Force